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Powermite DD

Powermite DD is a power management module for tapping into your PC's power supply. In its most basic form its a great way to route 5v and 12v lines to peripherals. It has 2 terminal block positions for 5v, 2 terminal block positions for 12v and 4 terminal block positions for ground. More advanced users can use its transistor/relay combo to switch on and off things like a monitor, marquee light, or Q-Bert knocker. Can be set to take HI 5v sources for switching like a jumper from the 5v terminal block or an output from the parallel port. Can also be configured for LO sources like an LED driver board or certain keyboard encoders. LED indicators light up when relays are activated. Check out the video where the unit is configured to turn on a lava lamp when the computer turns on. You can easily turn any old power strip into a "smart" power strip. Can be mounted to wood or even in a pc case using pcb mounting feet.

WARNING: If running 110VAC through the relay there is live voltage exposed at the solder points on the back of the board and at the terminal block screws!!!

Watch the example video!!!!

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